Cummins, Inc.: A Global Power Generation, Engine and Filtration Products Manufacturer

The products and services offered by Cummins, Inc. are marketed to about 190 countries around the world through their network of more than 600 distributors that are both company owned and independently managed. They also have over 6,000 dealers that help generate the company’s annualized revenue of more than $17.3 billion. Cummins, Inc. is listed [...]

Blount International: The Forestry, Lawn and Garden Equipment Expert

Before Blount International, there was Blount, Inc., a construction company that traces its roots in Montgomery, Alabama. As the business started to expand, it acquired other companies and eventually became a multi-faceted business. Together with its subsidiaries, the company now offers various services that benefit a lot of niche markets. The business designs, manufactures and [...]

BlackRock, Inc.: The World’s Largest Asset Manager

In 1998, BlackRock, Inc. started out as a risk management and fixed income institutional asset manager. The business has grown from a small venture into a multi-billion business that generates more than $10.2 billion. The company today is listed a multinational investment management corporation that is headquartered in New York City. As of, BlackRock, Inc. [...]

RG Barry Corp: A Fashion Accessory Manufacturer

Dearfoams are probably one of the most comfortable footwear that has taken the market by storm. One of the preferred manufacturers of these footwear is RG Barry. The business is registered as an American accessory lifestyle brand manufacturer. There are several products that the company manufactures. These product offerings are categorized into three units: footwear, [...]

Aircastle: Leasing Commercial Jet Aircraft

The 148 commercial jet aircraft that Aircastle owns are openly leased to any company around the world. These assets are operationally effective jets and have long useful lives that come equipped with modern technology. Aircastle creates their more than $709 million annual revenue by leasing these jets to customers in more than 37 countries. Airline [...]

Allegion: Safeguarding Lives and Properties

There is always a need for businesses and homeowners to invest in security products and solutions. The protection of valuable assets, important documents and properties and the welfare of your family at home are just a few of the reasons why you should secure your homes and businesses. It is in the manufacturing of these [...]