RG Barry Corp: A Fashion Accessory Manufacturer

Dearfoams are probably one of the most comfortable footwear that has taken the market by storm. One of the preferred manufacturers of these footwear is RG Barry. The business is registered as an American accessory lifestyle brand manufacturer. There are several products that the company manufactures. These product offerings are categorized into three units: footwear, [...]

Aircastle: Leasing Commercial Jet Aircraft

The 148 commercial jet aircraft that Aircastle owns are openly leased to any company around the world. These assets are operationally effective jets and have long useful lives that come equipped with modern technology. Aircastle creates their more than $709 million annual revenue by leasing these jets to customers in more than 37 countries. Airline [...]

Allegion: Safeguarding Lives and Properties

There is always a need for businesses and homeowners to invest in security products and solutions. The protection of valuable assets, important documents and properties and the welfare of your family at home are just a few of the reasons why you should secure your homes and businesses. It is in the manufacturing of these [...]

Verisign Inc.: Connecting the World to the Internet Safely and Securely

The majority of online transactions these days are now protected by Verisign, Inc. Through the services provided by the company, online shoppers and any online transactions made are protected from any fraudulent activities. This American company based in Reston, Virginia has offered the world security services, including cyber-threat reporting, managed DNS and Distributed Denial of [...]

Sirius XM Holdings: Your Satellite Radio Provider

Satellite radio is something that Sirius XM Holdings knows inside out. The company is an American broadcasting company that provides the country with two satellite radio services. The business is known as one of the largest, if not the largest, satellite radio providers in the United States. Through the services provided by Sirius, subscribers are [...]

Oceaneering International: An Applied Technology and Subsea Engineering Company

Since its inception in 1964, Oceaneering International has provided its engineered services and hardware to various customers in the industry of space, marine and other environments. This multi-billion venture is registered as an applied technology and subsea engineering company. Based in Houston, Texas, Oceaneering International generates more than $3.28 billion in annualized revenue. It is [...]

National Oilwell Varco: Trusted Partner in Every Drilling Operation

In the oil and gas drilling industry, one name stands as the trusted partner in supplying equipment and components, the National Oilwell Varco (NOV). Headquartered in Houston, Texas, this American multinational corporation has operations in more than 1,200 locations around the world. The operations of the company cover areas in six continents. The products and [...]