Planet Fitness: Gyms without Frills

Headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, Planet Fitness is a chain of fitness centers that provides a unique, diverse “Judgment Free Zone” where everybody can create a long-lasting active lifestyle. They seek to provide each and every customer with a cheerful, comfortable, accepting atmosphere that is conducive for building a healthy and dynamic way of life. [...]

Butterfly Effects: Creating Consequential Changes Through Coordinated Care

Although its name is derived from a tenet of cause and effect employed in chaos theory, Butterfly Effects is a company that provides more than just scientifically esoteric services. It is an organization that offers an all-embracing, coordinated care to individuals experiencing complex conditions ranging from autism to Alzheimer’s disease, with special emphasis on education, [...]

Merck: Making a Difference, Healing the World

From creating ground-breaking new products and therapies that cure and prevent illnesses to lending a hand to people in need, Merck & Co. is a health care company that is dedicated to the improvement of the health and well-being of every individual in the entire world. One can trace back the company’s origin to Friedrich [...]

Southwest Airlines: “Airborne” to Serve

For over 40 years now, Southwest Airlines has been serving domestic flight passengers and giving them excellent customer service to match its reliable and low cost flights. The company has been able to set itself apart from other low-cost carriers by constantly offering the lowest and least complicated fares in the market. Today, Southwest Airlines [...]

Behind the Scenes of Medical Progress

When we think of heroes, our cultural education feeds us pictures of sharp jaw lines, shiny capes, and battles with mutant antagonists. While we cherish these stories, the modern-day, real-life heroes rarely wear silver pants. The people making a difference in our lives today are the politicians meeting with other leaders from across the world, [...]

HubSpot: Practicing What they Preach

Getting visitors to come to a company or individual’s website is like trying to get foot traffic into an actual brick and mortar business. Great marketing strategies are needed to get people to visit an actual or online store; the only difference is location has nothing to do with a website’s online traffic. This is [...]

KAYAK: A Different Travel Website

Convenience is always first on a traveler’s list. When searching through different online travel agencies, airlines, hotel sites, and car rental websites and comparing rates became more tedious than it was convenient, the co-founders of the top online travel agencies Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia created KAYAK in 2004. KAYAK has forged and maintained advertising agreements [...]