Xobni: Organizing Your Contacts Better

In the age where address books have gone digital and people have the power to contact anyone they want on their fingertips, people are looking for easy ways to combine all their contacts in one compact address book to make sure they have the numbers and email addresses on hand whenever they need them. Xobni, [...]

Web Building with Weebly

In the era where having a website is an important part of doing business, finding a webhosting service that gives you value for your money can be difficult and sometimes even frustrating. One company has taken the extra step to give individuals and business a powerful platform for them to put their information online. Backed [...]

Las Vegas Recommends

On the Internet, everyone has a voice, and many join the conversation. The rapid proliferation of review sites that cover everything from professors to construction contractors affords us a great deal of information, but deciding which opinions to trust can be difficult. Today, we focus on a leader in dental care that maintains a deeply [...]

Bringing Vintage Back in Style

Fashion styles and trends are quite fickle and change as often as the seasons do. But certain styles stay with us and sometimes even define a generation. These classic looks, often called vintage clothing still has its own little place in the fashion industry today and one woman found a way to build a larger [...]

An Umbrella of Expertise: Dr. Gustavo Stringel

Within certain fields, important information about leading professionals sometimes proves insular to other experts in the field. While consumers and clients pay for goods and services and value their impacts within their day-to-day lives, contemporaries within a given industry obtain a wider view of the people making a difference. They attend the conferences at which [...]

RockMelt: The Browser for the Mobile Generation

Social media and networking sites have changed how people surf the internet nowadays. This has prompted companies like Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft to tweak their browsers to accommodate social media use. However, none of them has made a version of their browser specifically for browsing through these popular social sites. In 2009, a company called [...]

Tortuga Backpacks: Where Style Meets Functionality

A lot of adventurers and tourists love backpacking across countries and continents. The freedom of exploring foreign countries with only a single piece of luggage carried comfortably on their backs seems very enticing to many of them. Unfortunately, carrying a hiking bag across a country can be more of a burden because of its weight [...]