AssistiveWare: Speaking for People who Cannot

AssistiveWare, a company based on Netherlands, found a way to speak for those who can’t. By creating a software designed to convert text into speech, this company has allowed people with Amytrophic Lateral Syndrome, autism and other speech-impairing disorders to communicate with those around them. The programs work on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices, [...]

Ossur: Keeping People Mobile for Over Forty Years

Ossur, a company that manufactures bracing and support, prosthetics, and compression therapy, is a global frontrunner in the field orthopedics. It makes use of the most brilliant minds and cutting-edge technologies that help create lives without limitations by providing people with effective solutions to their mobility issues. Ossur was founded in 1971 by Ossur Kristinsson, [...]

In Real Estate, A Delicate Balance Necessary

In the real estate acquisition, conversion, and management realm, many factors come into play, and success the field requires a deep attention to all aspects. Too much focus on the exterior architectural aspects, for instance, may draw necessary attention from necessary infrastructural factors. Later on down the line, a group must craft a careful balance [...]

When Different Conditions Apply, More Voices Heard

When it comes to the legal arena, many consumers and businesses look towards firms founded on ethical, versus profit-driven practice. Myron M. Cherry & Associates, LLP, holds a reputation in its practice area for accepting cases against commercial ventures on full or partial contingent fees and frequently garners media attention for its successes in defense [...]

Genzyme: Taking the Road Less Travelled

Genzyme is certainly a biotech giant you can never miss, what with its massive efforts to develop treatments for rare genetic disorders, a process that is usually laden with much risk and towering costs. What started out as a company that’s focused on finding cure for enzyme deficiency conditions is now a huge firm that’s [...]

Lotus: Maker of the Hybrid Sportscar

Have you ever heard of the Evora 414E Hybrid? This car stole the limelight during the 2011 Geneva Motor Show for fooling people into believing that it was a conventional petrol-powered sportscar – when in fact it was powered by electricity. Who else could have come up with this technology but Lotus, a leading name [...]

ServiceNow’s Offers Support Desk for Multinationals

Ever since corporations transitioned to using technology in the workplace, work efficiency hit an all-time high. However, the adaptation of technology also caused some problems, specifically in troubleshooting modern equipment. This opened a new niche in the tech industry – information technology support services. ServiceNow quickly responded and established a Web-based IT service desk for [...]